Wednesday last, Google brought out a new update to its ‘Google Translate’ for Android that now enables vertical text translation and offline language support.

The new app makes ‘Google Translate’ even more handy by including 50 languages.  To use the update just opt for “offline languages” from the menu and a list of languages, that are available to download for offline use, will be enlisted at once.  In order to enable yourself to translate offline in 2 or more languages, you will have to select the desired languages from the offline languages menu.


Android cellphone based ‘Google Translate’ users may have to opt for a data plan with extended data limits, in order to download these language packages. For some of the packages even go to the extent of 200MB in size.  So you may have to double-check you data limits before downloading these packages.

The new ‘Google Translate’ updated also comprises of vertical text translation.  This feature had been incorporated in ‘Google Translate’ last year but it was only for horizontal text. This update enables you translate Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages with your camera by clicking its photo and highlighting the text, in vertical mode as well.

Google has always been associated with Web, but it has now provided assistance for Google Translate, offline as well. In near future, we may also see some other Google Apps getting updated with offline support.  This app will be of great help people who are in travel or they don’t have access to the internet and yet need to translate Korean, Japanese or Chinese.

The updated Google Translate app version 2.6 can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.