As far as new innovative tech-gadgets are concerned, last few weeks have been very fascinating. Earlier Google was in news because of its much talked about Google Glass project and then according to some hearsay news, Apple and Samsung were working on introducing smart watches. And now Google is again in news – this time because of its Smart Watch Project.


Financial Times has recently published an article stating that rumours in the silicon city are high that Google in fact is working on a Smart Watch. Google’s Android Division is working on the said watch and this project is not a hole-and-corner like the Google Glass project.

This means if all these rumours are in fact true, we will not have to wait much for the Google Smart Watch. In fact, Google may unveil this smart new gadget at its Google I/O event.

These rumours try to stand firm ground on the basis of another report published in the Financial Times which states that Google has applied for Patent of wearable computer. But an official Google Spokesperson has denied are these rumours – as that’s their set practice.

Mr. Sonny Vu, CEO & Founder, Misfit Wearables, comments to these rumours saying that “tech giants like Samsung, Apple and Google could jump start the smart watch market, but positioning a device on a wrist could be too restrictive for many people’’.

What do you think about this much talked about – Google Smart Watch? Would to like to wear one Android based gadget, which would communicate to your phone as well, on your wrist?