The Google Play Music App has been updated, adding a series of useful features to the user experience including added option to delete tracks, share songs and add to playlist from now Playing screen and many more.


Thi is not a huge updates, but Big G added some cool features in the Google Play Music App. First thing fist, the app now have a option to delete tracks, so now you can straight delete the song tracks which you are not listening from the app and freeing some space on your Android device.  Now you can able to add a song to a playlist straight from the Now Playing screen. Not only that, now you can able to share the song track from the now Playing screen, it allow you to show your Google+ friends what you are listing to roviding them with a preview of the track, as well as a link that allows them to buy it in an instant. Last but not least, you can also remove song tracks from your Library.

 Here I am sum up the new updated features of Google Play Music App for your ready reference.

  •  Added option to delete tracks
  • Can share song and add to playlist from Now Playing screen
  •  Remove from My Library now supported

This update is called a version of v5.0.1041J. are you a Google play Music app user? Do you find the updates useful? Say your voice via comment.