Nexus 5 is barely four weeks in the market and have sold in its hundreds of thousands. Nonetheless, news about meetings in the inner sanctum of Google and LG is further revealing about their next flagship, Nexus 6 getting assembled.

But why the hurry and buyers are busy on Nexus 5? Anyone would ask. But these two manufacturers know it better that this is the time they are enjoying a popularity wave. It is therefore prudent to introduce news about next gadget at this time to give it the full impact.


Nexus 5 buyers have something else for the future; something even better to compare with. Again, for those who already cannot afford Nexus 5, they are given instant hope of a near future, better version of the same gadget. For those of us who were lucky to get the few stock of Nexus 5 can boast about how the gadget is superfast, its offering very clear images, how its 4.95inch HD screen is a killer. The rumors we have all along been getting about Nexus 5 are now getting confirmed.

But nothing is ever enough. There are technological changes occurring overnight. For that reason, LG and Google already know that the nexus 6 is beckoning. The release date is scheduled for a time like this next year. This will be in the third quarter of 2014, when presumably the new users of Nexus 5 will have found another reason to sample and experiment new improved specs and features like these outlined.

      Higher, better android OS; while Nexus 4 utilizes android4.3jellybean, Nexus 5 android 4.4Kit Kat, Nexus 6 is scheduled to feature android 4.5lollipop or android 6.0 Milkshake. If it feature the latter android, then everything about apps downloads will be superfast and massive.

      4GB Ram, 18megapixel camera plus 128GB external storage capacity; the three factors combined speaks volumes about how Nexus 6 will perform. A 4GB of Ram is simply more than adequate to ensure most stable and efficient multitasking ability plus support for mass storage and manipulation of data. The storage is further emphasized with a 32GB internal expandable up to 128GB internally.

      Nexus 6 will feature a metallic body. This will put it in the class of modern gadgets every other manufacturer is working hard to try and promise about. With a whooping 6.0 inches edge to edge Amoled screen display, Nexus 6 tablet will be on a class of its own.