Google Glass is not release for pubic till and Google updating the Software of Glass very fast.   Last month update was fixed many bugs. Yesterday Google come with new update for Google Glass and this time focus on Camera of the Glass. The main features added in this update are XE6 and HDR mode.


The update is started rolling out from last night. As I said eerily, the focus of this update is Glass’s Camera and also many features improvement but not noticeable. According to the Google + page of Glass project, the camera of Google Glass captures a rapid sequence of shots, this multiple shots are combine together, producing a single image that is more that is more detail and better exposed. You can see the different in image quality before and after update in below image.


A captioning option has been added, this features allowing users to add a caption when sharing image with friends, when you share a photo, a message is inviting to add a caption, just tab the Touchpad and speak your caption. The XE6 bring some great improvement to the camera. There are many other improvement including shut down notification sound, off-hand detection sound. Google introduce Sports and Birthdays cards.

Are you see any other improve features in Google Play? Please let us know via comments.

Via : +Project Glass page