We are entering in the world of high speed internet world with Google. With Google Fiber promising 1 GB speed for $70 a month, a better deal than anything else currently available in the USA. Google Fiber is another one of Google’s incredible experiments to see what would be possible if we were all connected to the internet at breakneck speed. Google, in typical Google has decided that Fiber isn’t just another science experiment; instead it’s actually “a great business to be in.”


Milo Medin, Vice President of access services for Google, told at Fiber-to-Home-Council meeting stated on Wednesday that

We expect to make money from Google Fiber, this is a great business to be in.

Medin did confirm this wasn’t always the expectation. ”We thought a handful of cities would say they were interested. Then we saw that 1,100 communities replied. No one at the time thought there was a real business here. But that changed when we saw the interest.”

How google able to offer a profitable service at such a low cost? Google asks to make use of existing cable conduits , for poles to be installed where conduits don’t exist and for dedicated inspectors to be on hand so there are no delays waiting for approval of any construction required.

But there’s also a bit of bad news. Once Google completes installing Fiber in one location, it moves on to the next, meaning that customers who aren’t completely bought on the idea when it rolls around to their area of the neighbourhood, might not get another chance for a long time.

He warned that once Google completes one wave of installation in a particular fiberhood, it’s done. And the company starts again in fiberhood. The downside, of course, is that customers who don’t sign up right away may lose out on the chance to get the service.

“If you miss out on that installation, we may not get back to you for a long time,”

Google Fiber,s next stop after Kansas will be Austin, Texas.