Google has launched two new games – Roll It and Racer,  that let you play woth other people using phones, Tablets and computers via company’s browser Chrome. This is Google’s way of demonstrating the power of the latest Web technologies implemented in Chrome.


RACER first show at Google I/O and now launched.  “RACER” lets up to five smartphone or tablet users virtually race cars on a track that is built depending on how many users are playing. This game stay synchronized using websockets, which allows data to sent between multiple devices and servers a anytime.

RACER is building on HTML 5 so any device with chrome (iSO or Android) can play. To set up, all you need to head to the source link, sync up your devices and you’re ready to race. Touch your screen and your car speeds across all the phones and tablets not just your own. The color on the top of the display indicates which car the device is controlling.

Check out the video and source link after break.

The sole purpose of this game is to promote Google Chrome. Google wants both users and developers to get excited about ones that can work across desktop and mobile.