Earn real money when you playing game on your Android Smartphone, isn’t a cool idea? Glu Mobile plan to roll out a real-world gambling system to their games very soon, starting with Deer Hunter Reloaded.

deer hunter reloaded cash

Glu mobile has announced it is partnering up with San Francisco start-up Skillz to provide a technology that will allow them to add real money tournaments to its games for users in the U.S. The first game to receive this new feature will be Deer Hunter Reloaded, thereafter expand to other games by the second half of the year.

Gambling is an incredibly complex legal issue in the United States, but 37 states allow at least some form of skill-based gambling while actual online gambling on games revolving around chance is only legal right now in three states.

So how will this all play out? The idea is that Gamers will need to pay a small fee to enter into a competition and if they achieve certain results, they will win cash prizes. Each player will be able to bet up to $3 per game, and both Glu and Skillz will get a total cut of 20% of the pot. Now the question is how you know if you are in a state that legally allws you to participate in the cash games? Skillz have a solution for this. Before you start game, it will poll your GPS position, sending it in to Skillz’s servers and determining whether gambling is legal in your specific location or not.  If you are in an area that permits gambling, you will be allowed to proceed.

Deer Hunter Reloaded is already available for download on Google Play but don’t expect the real-money tournament features to rollout until a little later this summer.

Google Play link for Deer Hunter Reloaded