The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 not only seems to be the best Phablet of the upcoming year 2017 but will convincingly compete as one of the best smartphones in the 2017 year. The Note series has constantly become one of the most expected Android smartphones in the market.


We’re now catching a lot of discussion regarding new innovations that have yet to be seen in the coming Note series. It would be an immense exposure for the Samsung customers after they will get to know that the company is looking to make the phone much more defended and will unite absolutely with other Samsung technology also.

with almost a year left in the release for the Note 7 phone, we’re already listening numerous rumors regarding Samsung Galaxy Note 7. many notions have been changed while magnifying all of the top features that were observed in former Note smartphones.

The company has been notably uniform for the launch of their new Note flagship as a high-end handset in the competition from his competitor, Apple. Dates suggest that the phone will be out by late-September or earlier.

Other rumors involve the technology of having a new display that makes the visible truly simulated. The camera will have specifications that will completely engage user’s acts into the right moment.

A 3D display is also expected to be coming, also, we’ve even learned regarding the possibility of a completely foldable concept smartphone. We’ll proceed to update you with the very freshest Galaxy Note 7 reports and of course all the reinforcements as soon as they are revealed.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will unquestionably bring more memory options, more speed, bigger display, and a bonus outer enclosure that will fix  a huge variation. According to the Samsung customers, what they expect from the smartphone is the durability and not the processing power, visuals or the camera.

The Galaxy Note 7 is assumed to boast an external casing and will consist of an alloy metal composite. with these leaks becoming official the new phone will be nearly an indestructible one. The display will be made of a new Corning Gorilla Glass that will implement optimal protection from slips and other forms of screen breakage.

The camera will also have a certain upgrade as the rear camera is reputed to feature 16 megapixels while the front is said to be featured with 8 MP. The new Note 7 will be powered by an octa-core processor clocked at 3.3GHz, 6 GB RAM, and 4200 mAh battery. Earlier this year we are expecting Samsung Galaxy Nite 6 to come in market but as if now we have some really strong news. Samsung will release Galaxy Note7 soon in August. Galaxy High end smartphone’s are always known for high price mark. This is as well we are expecting around $800 USD for Note7. Other specs and updates will be delivered at the same page soon in future.