The news or are they rumors that Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will feature a 4K resolution display is mind boggling. It simply means that galaxy note 4 be the first gadget to hold such high resolution. When compared to its predecessors the galaxy note 3, note 4 will truly be a revolutionary gadget. More so, the competition comes stiffer among its competitors’ gadgets from other manufacturers mainly Apple.  No one manufacturer has yet managed to produce such a high resolution gadget. Samsung will be the first.

galaxy note 4

Bearing in mind that the galaxy note 4 is basically a phablet not anything smaller than the largest Smartphone, such high resolution requirements is understandable. It is particularly important to ensure that the large screen is able to support sharper images of the still camera and video images. Without such high resolution and a stabilizer, note 4 images could be distorted.

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However, it is also a great experience to have such big clear images fill up such a big screen of galaxy note 4. Note 4 will truly come big. It is even not just the high resolution that is dead stunning here; it is the idea that users of note 4 will be able to charge it wireless. It will be the first smart gadget to utilize the magnetic resonance wireless charging. This apparently has a positive connection to the high resolution display. It means that despite being in a position to take clearer pictures, you will be able to take photos most of the time. You’ll not be limited by battery charge since you can recharge it most of the times even while the phablet is still in the pocket.

A 4K resolution display will also be so functional in ensuring that the gadget is able to offer fantastic video images even after developing them in a photo studio. Basically what will enhance the alleged 4K display resolution is the pixels amount (16 megapixels) of note 4. This will be approximately 6x brighter than the note 3 camera resolution. However, we can only fold hands and wait, it is just a matter of months before 2014 the proposed launch date.