If you are a part of virtual world of web for quite some time, then you might be aware with Foursquare. If not; Foursquare is world’s most famous location based social networking site and is used by people to share their current or most recent location in the manner of check-in. The Foursquare app for Android and iOS devices is highly popular. Now, this location-based social network has launched a new app for Android and iPhone. This app is not meant for the normal users of the service, but for the business owners. This app is launched by the company with an intention to help the business owners to make maximum use of this social network service and thus to enjoy more and more profits in their business. Even the name of app, ‘Foursquare for Business’ clears its use and tells about app’s targeted users. Alas! the new app is not available for iPad.


The new release, ‘Foursquare for Business’ helps the merchants in many ways. It allows them to check the recent check-ins at their venues. The merchants can start or end the offers on the go. They can check their most loyal customers and can manage their updates from Android or iPhone. To keep the customers interested in their business, the merchants can also post photo updates from Android device or iPhone. Though the new app packs a plenty of features, the features that might help the business owners, but noticeable limitation it has is that the merchants are required to create Foursquare Specials from a PC or a Mac as the managing feature is only there in the app.

‘Foursquare for Business’ is available for businesses in U.S. only. Well, it’s quite clear that company wants to see merchants’ response for this new start-up. If the response comes above average, then only company will make it live for merchants of other countries. Of course, with new updates in this app, the limitations will be removed.

So if you also own any business and want more exposure for it on Foursquare, then you must download this app on your Android or iPhone device. Alas! if you have don’t have any of them. The new app is free to download. Just head over to official app store for your Android device or iPhone, download it and start using. Don’t forget to share experience with us in the comment box below.