Flesky Android keyword app

I like the Android OS because it is an open source and there is lot of third party applications available on Google Play Store for download some are free and some are paid. We can customize any part of Android device and there are mindboggling amount of choices available. There are lots of Software keywords alternatives available including Swiftkey, Swype and even Google stock Keyword app. Fleksy Keyword app is the new born kid in this section which certainly catch your eye.

Flesky Android keyword app

The Fleksy Keyword app developed by Syntellia Inc. According the developer, looking on keyword to type is no longer requirement in everyday life. This is a advance input features. Fleksy is working on predictions and autocorrections. Check out the video after the break.

The above video showing the working principle of Fleksy keyword app. As we see in video, Fleksy can easily predict what you are trying to type. So if you are making mistake at the time of type the app automatically correct the mistakes.

So at time of typing do not thinking about the right words and grammatical error, it improve your productivity and you can spend more time focusing on other tasks at hand.

If you interested in the Fleksy Keyword app, go ahead and click on Source link below and download and install on your Android device and enjoy flawless typing.

Source Google Play