The Android operating system has gained popularity owing to its easy adaptability to different kinds of phones. TouchWiz is a new user interface that is been developed by Samsung and it has a much wide ranging functionalities in comparison to the Stock Android. Therefore, adding more features to your smartphone and making it truly smart. Here are five reasons owing to which I consider TouchWiz to be a better interface in comparison to Stock Android:


Cool Built-In Softwares

TouchWiz has many cool and jaw dropping softwares integrated in it which will enhance your smartphone using experience.

  •  Smart Stay is one of the smartest features of the TouchWiz interface which will keep the screen activated as long as the user is looking at the screen of the phone. This helps in less battery usage and more security for the users.
  • Smart Pause feature of TouchWiz pauses running video, if any other software needs the user’s instantaneous attention. The user needs to simply put down the phone and immediately the video is stopped. This feature also makes the phone much more user friendly as you can get back to the video anytime while running other errands of the household.

Built-in Smart Applications

Many user-friendly applications are already preloaded in the phone which will be extremely for the smartphone users. Some of the integrated softwares in it are Allshare Play, Polaris Office, S Note and many others. If you have turned your computer into a mini computer, then these softwares are going to come into great use. Polaris Office would aid users to open and use all Microsoft Office based applications, S Note acts like a virtual notepad that helps in taking down all the notes and Allshare Play helps in sending different kinds of contents across a variety of devices. These are some of my personal favourites but you are going to find many other useful built-in apps in the TouchWiz interface. One of the positive sides of using these applications is that, since these are developed by Samsung these are absolutely free from bugs. Air Gesture is another smart application that comes with TouchWiz platform. It helps the users to navigate through different applications of the smartphone by simply waving the finger without touching the screen.

S Pen

Samsung has taken over to make smartphone our lifetime confidante and thus it is not only innovating with the softwares provided in the phone, but also with the hardwares. S Pen is an innovative stylus that has been designed like a real pen. This device produces much more accurate results and is much faster as well.

Smart Camera Functionality

Samsung’s new user interface also has some added and interesting camera functionalities which definitely makes it a better UI in comparison to Stock Android. I found the ‘Eraser’ feature of TouchWiz the best one. The software will automatically detect the unwanted elements while taking a snap and delete them from the photograph and thus making the task of the photographer much easier.

Multiple Windows

The TouchWiz platform allows user to use more than one window at a single time. Therefore, while watching an interesting video you can also take down notes on S Note or open any other applications. You can use any two windows at the same time and thus making TouchWiz your best companion.

The presence of all these features makes TouchWiz a much better and innovative UI. However, the existence of so many softwares also impacts the battery life of the smartphone. You would definitely like someof the awesome features of TouchWiz once you start browsing through it.