Watches have been always associated with renowned brand names like Rado, Tissot and Citizen to name a few of them. A new and I must say an innovative entrant in this sector that has surfaced lately is the smartwatches. These watches have not being introduced by the watch brand we are acquainted with but brands like Sony, Pebble, MetaWatch and others. For those who are still wondering what is smartwatch, well it’s a watch with a wide ranging functionalities apart from time keeping like playing games, translating scripts, calculating numbers and a lot of other things. Here is comparison between the features of the smartwatches that will help you to make a better choice:



This smartwatch is provided with a Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR which ensure fast transfer of data between two or more devices. It has a 1.26 inch LCD high resolution screen and are available sin many trendy colours like red, orange, grey and white. This smartwatch would not trouble you for the next seven days once the battery is fully charged. It works on Android iOS and is water resistant up till 5 meters.


MetaWatch’s smartwatch is integrated with 4.0 Bluetooth which is much more advanced and thus ensure far faster data transfer rate. This smartwatch looks really chic and comes in variety of shades like white, blue, orange and green. The censors of this watch are very powerful and it also a battery life of five to seven days. These smartwatches can be charged with the help of individual chargers. This watch also has compatibility with android platform and ensuring easy transfer of data between your smartphone and smartwatch.


If we consider the connectivity quotient, then Kreyos Meteor have the most advanced system installed i.e. Bluetooth 4.0 along with ANT technology which makes data transfer much much faster at the lowest energy consumption. It is also been integrated with 6 axis accelerator and gyrometer. This smartwatch also support as many as eight languages, which is not found in any other smartphone. Moreover, some of the other unique features present on Kreyos Meteor are gesture control, built in activity tracker, cloud data, voice control and many other smart features.

Sony SW2

This smartwatch is provided with Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity and Andorid 4.0. The best part of this watch is definitely its appearance and that it can be charged using any USB device. It is only available in black colour and offers limited gesturing features.

If we consider the specifications of the smartwatch, then definitely Kreyos Meteor have the most advanced technology integrated with it. However, we go by the looks of the smartwatch, Sony’s SW2 is an undisputed winner in this race.