After the success of Fifa 16 and all the previous version, EA sports is all set to begin working up with the next version; Fifa 17 that is. People are of the view that the development had begin quite some time back and it isn’t just a year that the company takes to build up its games. However, this comes as no surprise that Fifa 17 is in the making and all the users are pretty much excited about the same.


Fifa 17 Features

There are tons of wishes and expectations that the users are currently having from the upcoming Fifa game, Fifa 17 that is. There are some predicted assumptions and analysis that the game could probably adhere to:

  • Story mode: The game is likely to have a story mode which will enable the users to play the game at various sources. This in turn would make Fifa 17 one of the most amazing sports game ever. Though this isn’t a final thing yet, there are chances that a story mode could very well be accommodated into the game.
  • Career mode: This could probably be nothing but a great way to keep users attached to the game and obviously makes them addictive too. A few tweaks in the current game will surely enhance the overall appeal of the game.
  • Scenario mode: This would basically be a sub section under career mode where the player can choose from whether he/she would like to begin from scratch or could as well choose a situation which has already occurred and play from there. Apart from selecting the level of difficulty and team, this could be an added feature to the game! A cool one too!
  • Statistics: The game could add up to the statistics of players where one could view the goals and assists, cleansheets, etc.
  • Awards: It would be a great deal if awards would be recorded and a small award ceremony could as well occur. May be we could expect some such things to make the gameplay a little more interesting and of course fun.

Fifa 17 Release Date

Going by the regular pattern that all the previous Fifa games have been following, we can quite predict that the Fifa 17 as well will be released in the month of September. The Demo version can be expected to be released in the first week of September and the full version shall be in the market by the third week of September sometime.

FIFA 17 Price

There is no confirmation on the price of the game, but we can expect the basic pack to cost $69 and the deluxe pack to be priced at a $79. This is going by the trends in pricing that Fifa has followed as of now. A difference of $10 in the two packs is what has always prevailed and this is how the price structure would be for the various platforms!


Fifa 17 is in the making and we can expect a number of changes in the same in the form of various alterations done in the game! One has to wait till official news is announced about the game! As of now, this is all we know off!