It has been profusely reported that Facebook is in the process of launching a new Facebook Phone by the end of this week. It has also been reported that the device will be running on a new Android user interface which could be named as “Facebook Home’’.


Two distinguishable sources hint that the social networking giant is happier in going with “Facebook Home” as the name of their OS.

A 9to5 Google report quoted as under :

Facebook’s invitation to its Android-related media event next week is much less cryptic than it would seem. The invitation reads “Come See Our New Home on Android.” While, based on these words, Facebook seems to be teasing at a new Android-related Facebook experience, our sources say that the tagline reveals the actual product name: “Facebook Home…”

@evleaks tweet confirms the same:

“The version of Facebook for Android currently on this device needs to be upgraded to support Facebook Home.”

In this regard, an official announcement will be made on April 4. We will extensively cover the event and keep you posted as the event is Android related.

A report, formerly unveiled that HTC and Facebook are already in talking terms and the new Facebook phone will be, in all likelihood, HTC-made. The phone will run a forked Android version which will also furnished with many Facebook apps. As far as the looks go, the Facebook phone will more or less look like an iPhone. Facebook and HTC are also carrying talks with some mobile operators to carry the handset; however, we still have to wait some more time to get the availability details of the handset.

But as per an article published in The Wall Street Journal Facebook is not planning to develop an entirely different Android fork as Amazon did with the Kindly Fire tablet family but, it just want to replace the home screen with a Facebook-based user interface. Some alterations will have to be made in the OS to make these things possible; however, it would not be an Android fork as such. Keeping this report and the abovementioned facts in mind, the name ‘Facebook Home’ really make some sense.

So now, let us put it to you, would there be any probability of your switching to a Facebook based Android OS from your current smartphone?