HTC’s flagship smartphone HTC One available in two colors – Stealth Black and Glacial White and company working on Blue version of device alongside Red color options of the device. More color options is welcome.


As we know the elusive RED HTC One has first made an appearance on the company UK website at the beginning of May before being pulled. It later appeared on the website of Handtec, a UK online retiler with a price tag of £503.99. HTC do not have only Red version of HTC One but a Blue HTC One also exists. According to Pocket Lime Sources which is familiar with matter say that the new blue color variant of HTC one comes with bright red version.

Unfortunately, we do not have any image of the new color version but it has made its own mock up of what it could look like. Unfortunately we do not have any date information on when we can expect to see the new blue and red versions of HTC One.

So now you have four color options for HTC One includes Blue, Red, Black and white. Would you prefer a blue or red HTC One instead of the currently available color options?