Weather forecasting apps is definitely not one of the most commonly used apps by an Android user, but nonetheless it is one of the most useful ones. These apps are developed for providing the users with nearly perfect weather forecast reports for specific time period. These apps come in really handy when you are visiting a new place and therefore you are not sure about the weather conditions prevailing there or you have plans to explore a new place and checking if the weather is going to be your friend in this endeavor. If you are thinking of installing a weather widget in your Android device, then here is a list of the five best among the infinite options to choose from:


Accu Weather


This app will be your perfect companion, while planning camping or fishing or biking trip in other part of your country. This app is developed by and present before the android user’s precise weather prediction about the next two weeks. Along with that there is also an hourly weather update that will continuously update you about the exact weather condition. Some of the information that you can gather from this widget is wind pressure, humidity, dew point, wind speed and also exact suggestion whether the weather is suitable for outdoor activities.


If you want to stick to a basic and user friendly application, then Weather is the best option available to you. It has a clean interface and animated results continuously pop up on the screen. This widget will help you get real time weather update as well as prediction for the next five days. This app is easily available in Google Play for free download.

Google Play Store

Go Weather EX

Go Weather EX is one of the best weather apps that is being developed by Go Launcher EX. Free version of this app is available on Google Play, but the interface is clogged by a lot of advertisements. Buying the professional version will make it absolutely free from any kind of advertisements and make widgets appear beautiful and clutter free. The weather predictions of this app are absolutely accurate and the users have the option of setting notification alarm under different weather conditions.

Google Play Store

Eye in the Sky


This is a simple weather widget that will give you access to basic information like temperature, rainfall, sun and other aspects. However, all the information portrayed on it is absolutely precise and so you can depend on it blindly. The best part of using this app is that it can be modified according to the preference of the users. This app is available in four different sizes, two standard sizes, one small circular one and another small rectangular one.

Google Play Store

Yahoo Weather

yahoo weather

This is one of the best and most trusted weather apps that you can think of downloading. This has been developed by Yahoo, a trusted brand name in the field of software development. The predictions are very precise as the information is being taken from Yahoo’s own weather forecasting website. This app will provide the users with details weather forecast report which includes wind speed, humidity, time of sunrise, moon visibility, direction of wind and many other things. The users have the option of keeping an eye over the weather conditions prevailing in more than one place from a single interface.

Google Play Store

These are five best and user friendly weather widgets available to all the Android users. The predictions made in these applications are absolutely precise so you can blindly trust the predictions. So download these applications, install the apps and start getting real time weather updates. check out our best android launcher list.