Being an open source software, the leading mobile operating system by Google invites more and more developers to come in and develop apps for it. This is the reason why you can see many apps and games in the official app store of Android. The sad point here is that some apps in Google Play are meant to disturb the users. The count of such apps is very large. These apps are meant to bring a negative impact on the security of Android devices. Since many Android users use their Android device for business purposes, therefore some naughty nerds try to hijack Android device to get the crucial details such as bank details.

Best Security Tips for Android Devices

Well, in order to stay on the protected users’ side, you must have the knowledge of security tips. If you have been looking for the same, then you have end up on the right page. Check out the best security tips for Android devices.

Install Antivirus App

Whenever we install OS on our PC/Laptop, the very first thing we do is install antivirus, right? It’s quite strange point that why don’t we follow the same thing in case of Android. Means, when we buy Android device, then we must install any antivirus app instantly before doing any other work. There are many antivirus apps in Google Play that ensure the top-notch protection from phishing attacks, online/offline threats.

Backup your Data Frequently

Don’t be in the overconfidence that the data saved in your Android device is completely safe. Anything can happen anytime. It is possible that some serious threat reaches your Android device and result in loss of data. What will you do at that time? Nothing, but will feel sorry for your past action. To make sure that such situation does not come, keep taking backup of your important data from time to time. Come on, taking backup of data is not any hefty task. You can do it easily- either manually or by using any app. Your wish!!

Set Password for the Lockscreen

Make sure that the data saved in your Android is not accessed by anyone else other than you. This can be done by setting a password for the lockscreen. It is like same as you do in your computer to keep it private to you. Of course, while setting password, make sure to set a hard one. Don’t do silly things such as using your name as password. Such non-sense shits are common to find, and this is like formality of setting password.

Keep your Android Device Updated 

One good thing about the Android is that you keep getting software updates from time to time, depending on your manufacturer. Whenever you get the notification about new update, don’t underestimate it, instead, install it straightaway. The latest version clearly means the latest technology and fix to the bugs that were reported by users in the last update. Keeping your Android device up-to-date does not only help in increasing its security, but also enhances your experience with it.

Use Recovery Apps

If bad luckily, you lose your smartphone, then? How will you find that, or you will just forget about that? Well, latter does not seem to be genuine. Everyone tries all the possible ways to get one’s lost Android device. Thanks to Recovery Apps that make it possible for you to get your lost Android device back. All such apps work in the same way. Means, they track the position of lost Android device and then send its location to the registered mobile no. or email address.

Download Apps from Official Store only

The simplest way of attacking your Android device for the hacker, is by developing an app and then convincing you download it. Such apps do not lie in Play Store due to strict rules by Google. But yes, such apps do exist, and are common to find on Internet. These apps are technologically called as the ‘apps from untrusted sources’. Make sure that you don’t download such apps. Always stick to official app store- the Google Play- for getting apps and/or games for your Android device.

Remove Unnecessary Apps

Why to keep those apps in your device that you are no longer using? What is the meaning of such apps? Nothing! But yes, these apps result in low performance of your Android device and may result in security related issues as well. So better delete such apps.

So it was the list of best security tips of your Android device. Hackers are everywhere. Anything can happen anytime. Tell such over smart people that you are not a nerd.  Tell them that you have a good knowledge about how to secure your Android device.