Majority of people nowadays use Android gadgets from all over. If you are one such individual and still do not watch live TV on your gadget, then it is the high time you started doing so! Live TV apps are by far the best Android apps considering the good amount of entertainment they offer their users. From blockbuster to feature films, these kinds of apps will always fit you in the picture! Imagine watching news on your tablet while in the comfort of your bathtub or catching up with your favorite soap while on the bus; it is so convenient and fun at the same time. So long as you have a proper quality display, the Android operating scheme is a perfect choice for all TV lovers.

Best Android Apps to Enjoy Watching Live TV

There are a number of devoted live TV Android apps that might come in handy. Below are some of the best Android apps for this purpose:


This particular app has been around for a couple of years now. It is one of the pioneer live TV apps for Android gadgets and has managed to gain reputation as one of the most reliable apps today. However, the fact that it has been in the industry for a while has disadvantaged it in in one way or the other. For one, its movie catalog is not all that. At best, it would be described simply as contact old. The TV sequence has also been dealt a blow since it still uses the old design which is not as appealing as the most recent TV sequences used in other apps. The sequence however contains a clutch i465 black of creative material as well as free-to-stream movies.


This is one of the most popular live TV Android apps today and is a household name when it comes to live TV plus movies. It started off as a US-only app though the company later on broadened its banks and joined the UK market as well as some other few parts of the world. It provides its users with cross-platform material for a broad selection of stuff to view. Netflix is all over the place today with applications on each and every cellular platform. The challenge is in fact how to avoid it rather than how to find it!

 Popcorn Horror

Are you a horror film fanatic? Then this is the app for you! With all intents, it provides you with horror video clips for viewing pleasure in their iPhone app or that for the Android operating system. The unique thing with Popcorn Horror is the group feel that it adds on. By mounting the Bermuda, adding your favorite movie quotes and getting a movie wall image, you can have one or two common things to converse on.

BBC iPlayer

This is another widely known live TV Android app. It started off a favorite among PC users without the app version of it. However, it is now possible to carry the BBC iPlayer app and enjoy what it has to offer in your pocket. It goes a long way in surfing developers for BBC as well as capturing up a sequence or show that you might have missed.

These 4 are some of the best Android apps for live TV. Given a try, they will prove why it is they are at the top of the list!