Are you using your Smartphone too much? And you battery are discharge or your battery life is low. Good news for android user, new apps BattryGuru has released by Xiam Technology Limited. Qualcomm has released Beta version of this apps for android that promise to extend the battery life for the Snapdragon powered Android devices.


BatteryGuru apps is smart enough, you do not require manual configuration and runs in brackground and learning what you do you with your device and optimize battery life. In 2-3 days, automatically learns and adjusts the smartphone setting without any configuration. It automatically discovers where you connected to  Wi-Fi, what  apps you often use when you sleep and optimize your Snapdragon powered smartphone for better battery Life.

Battery Guru is still in beta version and available for North America and European Union at present, may be available for rest country from coming month. You can download BatteryGuru apps directly from Google Play for free (Selected country only)

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