AT&T GoPhone customers are to have less options when it comes to your data plans in the near future. A company representative said to CNET that the carrier will eliminate a few of its data plan options form June 20.


The company said in statement

“We’re making some changes to our AT&T GoPhone prepaid plans to simplify our offers and better align with what customers are choosing and telling us they want. We’ve begun letting customers know about the changes in advance, and we’ll have more information on new, additional plan options soon.”

As you know the AT&T wireless has a $25 monthly plan which includes unlimited text messages and 250 mints of voice calls with additional options of Data plan like 50 MB for $5, 200 MB of data for $15 and 1 GB of data for $25, after this change online available plan will be the 50 MB data for $5.  We have only option that is $65 unlimited text/talk with 1 GB of data.

source: CNET