One just can”t say that when he/she will be in need of taking screenshot on one’s device, right? I myself have faced the need of taking screenshot on my device, many a times. Believe me, nothing is worst than the situation when you are in urgent need of taking screenshot, but you don’t know that! You might have faced this irritating situation as well. If you really have, then you will be pleased to know that you no longer need to face this situation, as this article is solution to that. This article lists the best apps to take screenshot on Android.

apps to take screenshoot

Screenshotscreenshoot apps

If you are looking for the best app to take screenshot on your Android device, then it’s Screenshot. The app is simple to you. The popularity level of the app gets cleared from no. of downloads and 3.5 star average rating that is result of more than 22k votes. You can take screenshot with single click on your smartphone, the screenshots can be managed very easily. You can go through the history of screenshots. It supports many devices. You can find list of supported devices by heading over to download page for this app on Google Play. The screenshots are saved in Bmp, PNG or JPG format. Simplicity of this app is what makes it better than any other screenshot taking app.

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Screenshot Free

screenshoter free

The next in this list of best apps to take screenshot on Android, is the Screenshot Free. This is my personally favorite, because it works on my Android device without even rooting it. Yeah, there is no need of rooting most of Android devices so as to make this app work. This is common problem in most of screenshot taking apps that you are required to root your Android device, but thanks to this app that lets us perform the task without any need of rooting. Apart from taking screenshot, you can edit them, can share them on social networking sites right away!

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Screenshot Ultimate

screenshot ultimate apps

With more than 14 capturing modes, this screenshot app is favorite of many. The top-notch features this app includes are – Camera hardware button, Power connect/disconnect, Webserver, Intent (Tasker support), Long click search hardware button, Cronjob etc. Just like the apps mentioned above, this one is quite simple to use. You can click the screenshot with single button. The best thing is that you can assign any custom button as well. After taking the screenshot, you can edit with many editing tools. PNG/JPEG are the default screenshot format. One amazing feature is of setting the password. So no unauthorized access to the app.

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