If you’ve been waiting for Google to come up with something new, then you will be happy to hear about the debut of the Android Silver during Winter of 2015. With over a year since the last Nexus device was unveiled, Android enthusiasts have been on the edge of their seats. Android Silver promises to bring its fans premium technology and functionality.


For many people, mobile devices have also become trusted business phones, providing them with all the features they need to stay connected to colleagues and clients. Having a device that is backed by Google’s seal of approval gives users the confidence they need to go about their responsibilities. That’s where the Android Silver comes in.

The Android Silver is not one single device, rather it is a program launched by Google to help consumers differentiate top quality Android devices from less powerful ones. It’s kind of like how high-end VoIP phones compare to traditional analog telephone lines. One of them definitely offers more valuable features than the other.

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The Ins and Outs of Android Silver

With the introduction of Android Silver, Google is launching a mobile phone that is backed by their name and reputation. By naming a mobile device “Android Silver”, Google is stating that it is made of the highest quality hardware, comes with less built-in non-Google apps, and more updates regarding the operating system.

Android Silver will consist of several premium mobile phones from different manufacturers, so it’s not yet certain if Google will produce a line of Android Silver phones or simply select the best cell phones on the market and tag them with the Android Silver badge of approval.

Policing Android

With so many inferior mobile and tablet devices out there, Google needed a way to maintain their position as the industry leader. Consumers looking for high-end Android devices will have an easier time of finding a quality mobile phone without having to sift through other options.

If  our cell phone is your lifeline, having a giant like Google back a product gives you added confidence. Being able to take advantage of all the powerful features, which helps you better run your business, is paramount to your success. By using a device that allows you to communicate seamlessly with clients, you are improving your customer service and building your brand successfully. Until 2015, this is all just optimistic speculation.