Let me make this as an announcement! If you are a fan of blood sucking monsters called Zombies and at the same time a big fan of speed, there I would like to name a game on android that you should surely try out. The Name of the Game is Zombie Derby. The game is all about crushing the deadly zombies under the tyres of your Truck or Car. The Rules of the game are very mush simple like clean water. All you have to achieve is to reach the end of the stage killing as many zombies as you can. The sole condition for winning the game is that you will have to stop yourself from using all the fuel in your car by the time you reach the end of the stage.


Although the game is composed to just 4 stages do not fool yourself by thinking that you will complete the game within hours. It took me days to complete it. You might find yourself re – racing the same stage again and again and yet find yourself on the losing side. Now it might sound like it is a bit boring to be playing the same stages again and again but take my word the game can be a lot of Fun. It is literally impossible to complete one stage without taking any upgrades or refuelling your car. There will be obstacles all along the path that you cover and you will have to make sure that you get past them as effectively as you can without much damage.

All of this was about the race itself. Let us now turn our attention towards the dead zombies that will be running down your driving lane. What you need to do is crush these zombies under your truck or car. If that sounds a bit strange or tough to you then you can surely use the fire arms that you have. These fire arms will blow the Zombies Off. I think this also make you realise that these fire arms will get exhausted at some point of time. So make sure that you pick up the upgrades that you get along your driving path. Also make sure that you save enough fire arms by the time you reach the end of the stage.

Zombie Derby provides a 2-D style gaming experience with a 3-D cameras view. You will love it when you find yourself driving. The game comes for free at the play store for android. I recommend it. Download and be a part of the adventure and thrill!

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