Samsung Galaxy S7 gained the success and got the amount of fans who are the diehard fans of this Korean Smartphone manufacturing company Samsung. After which the customers were eager to know about Samsungs next flagship which was the Samsung Galaxy S8. Even though the Samsung galaxy S7 had the features and the all round specifications that we want in a Smartphone we still wanted there to be a room for improvement for the next Samsung Galaxy S8. With the amount of rumors that are pouring in we have brought out all the things that one needs to know about Samsung Galaxy S8. In this article, we give you a summary of all the things that you needed to know about the latest flagship of Samsung- Galaxy S8.


Samsung Galaxy S8 Release date

The fact that we do not have the news about the official release date of the Samsung galaxy S8, we are left with the assumption that the Smartphone is going is going to be launched in the early 2017. The last couple of years the brand showcased the phone the day before Mobile World Congress starts, with MWC 2017 set to kick off on 27 February it means that Galaxy S8 release date of February 26. LG also planing to release LG G6 on same event.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Screen

Starting with the screen of the Samsung Galaxy s8 we hear that it is going to feature a  4K screen, along with a Snapdragon 830 processor, 6GB of RAM and an impressively improved camera. According to a news source we hear that the Samsung Galaxy S8 is coming with curved screens. There will be two models of the phone, where one with a 5.1-inch screen and another with a 5.5-inch display. There are chances that the smartphone will also focus on the VR with its Gear VR headset and one thing it really needs to make the most of that is sharp screens on its phones. We do expect the QHD, which we had seen in the Samsung Galaxy S7. Samsung Galaxy is going to push for the resolution of the screen upto 4K.

Samsung galaxy S8 Camera

Samsung has made it a pointy to give special attention to the camera of the Galaxy S8, and they plan to improve the front and rear. More about the camera feature in terms of improvement we hear that the front-facing camera will include autofocus and can be optimized for snapping group shots where people are located at distance in the frame. The camera of Galaxy S8 will also be capable of iris scanning, like it did in the Galaxy Note 7, and we even see this feature in the Apple iphone8. The rear-facing would be featuring dual cameras where one is going to be of 12 MP shooter and one 13 MP model. This will be be useful for greater depth of field; deeper, better quality zoom; and more professional looking shots.

Other Added Features of Samsung Galaxy S8

  • An iris scanner
  • USB Type-C
  • Smart Glow
  • A mini projector

The iris scanner was there in the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and the feature is rumored for the Galaxy S8,

Samsung Galaxy S8 Price

The first thing we know is that it is going to be more expensive than the Galaxy S7, and with the rumors we hear that the price is going to be around 850$. According to the rumors, Galaxy S8 would be slightly more expensive in most regions than the £569/AU$1149 which was the launch price of the Galaxy S7.