At the time of its launch, the Android Marketplace was a small repository filled with some countable apps. It could not stand up to Apple’s huge store. But with the growth of Android and the evolution of the marketplace to Google Play Store has caused a surge in the number of applications available. Now in their hundreds of thousands, there is an application for almost everything.
Free Apps
It’s hard to list out which applications are the best, since different users have different preferences. However, there are those applications that have attracted more downloads, or have been more highly reviewed than the rest. Among these, the best five are:
Dolphin Browser
Google have done a good job with the native Chrome browser available on recent Android devices. It is practical and fast. For regular users though, one browser is insufficient. One of the best choices, if you want a different one from what is provided on stock Android is the Dolphin Browser. With Gesture and Sonar support, the browser is incredibly popular, full of features, and has robust add-on support.
Avast! Mobile Security
Google Play is safe and no malicious applications are allowed on. This guarantee does not exist if you download applications from different sources. With Avast! Mobile Security, you get the guarantee that you will be protected, in case of anything. The app has many security features, and throws in a battery manager as well to ensure efficient power consumption. It’s light as well, so it won’t impede on your device’s performance.
With the robust capabilities smartphones have, it is now entirely possible to get all your news from your device. However, instead of having individual apps for CNN or BBC, you can use Flipboard app instead. It will aggregate news and videos from different sources into a magazine-styled layout that is high on visual appeal.
Zedge was popular on feature phones, and an app is available for it at the Google Play Store. It offers access to a ton of stuff, from wallpapers to notification sounds and ringtones. Despite it having ads, it offers a lot of free content that would help you customize your device to any level you like.
Facebook for Android
A series of updates and modifications have made this the go-to app when you want to access the social network. It has a Facebook-branded UI, and offers unique functionality that is meant to keep you engrossed for a long time.