Are you like Live wallpaper on your android devices? Of course your answer is no and I also do not like the live wallpapers on my own Android device. The drawback of live wallpaper, it is useless and take resources and drain battery life. I am going to show you an app that provides 3D-graphics on your Android device’s home screen and which is not resource hungry. The name of this 3D graphic wallpaper is 3D Image Live Wallpaper app.

3D Image Live wallpaper app

3D Image Live wallpaper app provides a collection of images including all the Android 4.2 high resolution as these images have been substantially modified to give the illusion that you are really looking on an in-depth 3D image. This app creates 3D effect from any image and you can also able to add your own image and adjust the movement angles to your liking. Swipe your finger on devices screen and image follow your movement, when you rotate the Android device the image will move accordingly. The app’s 3D effect working best with images which have strong edges with respect to plain colours or smooth gradients.

The features of 3D Image Live wallpaper are

  • Creates 3D effect from any image
  • Includes high resolution Jelly Bean 4.2 wallpaper pack
  • Efficient OpenGL hardware accelerated graphics
  • Adjustable movement options
  • Use your own images
  • Close one eye to enhance the parallax effect

After installing the app, if you want to start the app, jst long press an open area on homescreen, select wallpapers, Live wallpaper and then pick 3D image Live Wallpaper from the list. The app will only install on devices that have a Gyro sensor.

Check the app in action in below video.

If you want to download the app, go ahead hit the link below and download 3D Image Live Wallpaper app. This is not a free app, you have to pay $1.44 for this app.

Google Play Link