Thrill and excitement is the feeling that a majority of the Samsung Galaxy smart phone lovers go through each day. This is due to the fact that the tech giant is always having a bucket full of surprises for them when it comes to gadgets and what they can do; that is user experience. With that stated, the Samsung Galaxy S6 gadget is one of the surprises that still wait to be unveiled soon. However, the release of the Galaxy S6 gadget will come after the release of the Samsung Galaxy S5. This is because; the Galaxy S5 is in line to be released in the early months of 2014.


Release date of Samsung S6

There are no clear whereabouts on the release of the Samsung Galaxy S6. However there are speculations that the device would be released later on in 2014. This is because the S5 will have to be released first in early 2014 and then it would be followed by the S6 later on in the year. It is most probable that the release of the Galaxy S6 may even extend to end of the year 2014. This is due to the reason that the Samsung Galaxy S5 underwent the same fate of the release extension date.

If you are wondering why the release date is being anticipated for with much anxiety; below are some of the reasons why a majority of the Samsung smart phone lovers want to get a piece of the new device as soon as possible.

Hankered Samsung Galaxy S6 features:

     Phone applications: The Galaxy S6 smart phone is said to have optimized user applications. With that, the user experience while accessing the smart phone applications will be better.

    High quality graphics: Everybody prefers a gadget that provides better graphics. This gadget is one that is said to offer exceptional graphic capabilities for both images and video.

     Camera functionality: Majority of the people state that a phone’s camera functionality is the most important aspect of the gadget. The Galaxy S6 is said to provide better camera functionality than all the other Galaxy series gadgets.